Values and Principles

Values and Principles
  1. Excellence – RDU focuses on recruiting highly qualified faculty and staff as well as students that are well prepared. We strive to hold the highest standards in our research activities, extracurricular activities, and teaching.
  2. Continuous Improvement – RDU focuses on improving its teaching, services, and processes in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. We understand that we are operating in a dynamic environment and that our capabilities need to be developed constantly.
  3. Student Centered – RDU is a student-centered institution and focuses on the academic and social needs of its students. Our commitment to our students goes beyond the classroom teaching and includes their overall wellbeing and individual development.
  4. Integrity – Honesty and discipline are core values that RDU expects from students, faculty and staff. We focus on ensuring that the virtue of dependability and fairness are regarded as a key characteristic of all members of the RDU community.
  5. Relevance – RDU provides education that prepares students for international employability and conducts research that provides solutions to issues that societies and organizations deal with.