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The general requirements for the admission are as follows:

  • Applicants must be a graduate from a recognized High School in their countries to be eligible.
  • In case of a deficiency, help desks are available and bridging courses offered.
  • Applicants must demonstrate their English Competencies with valid and acceptable certificates. Otherwise, they will be required to take an English Proficiency and Placement Test on their arrival at RDU.
  • Students can apply for admission online through our website: www.rducyprus.com or send an e-mail to our International Office: info@rdu.edu.tr


  • All overseas students will be granted 50% scholarship.
  • RDU offers a limited number of 100% and 75% scholarships to outstanding students as well.
  • At RDU, high honor incentive scholarships are available and students could be recruited as assistants and offered jobs in the University.
  • Students from the same family (siblings, cousins) and with outstanding achievement in sports will have 75% scholarship.

RDU has prepared a very reasonable tuition fee plan for its students. Please click here to see the tuition fee plan.

You may require a visa to enter Turkey as all the flights to TRNC are connected through Turkey. Depending on your country, it is advisable to check the website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the following Link

A number of accommodations and their contact details are provided in our Website. Our International Office will assist you in making your choice.
Students will be received by our International Office staff on their arrival at Ercan Airport of North Cyprus. They will make sure that pre-arrival form is communicated to International Office at least 3 days before their departure.

The Orientation Program is organized to welcome new students and get them to familiarize with the University and life in North Cyprus. Students will be provided with information about the University’s processes, support services, ethical issues and the opportunity to meet the Faculty, other students and staff. A tour of the University and Cyprus will be organized to better acquaint new students of their new environment.

The detailed arrangement of Academic Year’s important dates can be seen at Academic Calendar.

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