Mimarlık ve Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi

Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts

Faculty of Architecture and Fine Arts is an educational institution which was founded to bring a new perspective to cultural and artistry movements and to provide the world of design with unique inventions.

İşletme ve Ekonomi Fakültesi

Faculty of Business and Economics

The concept of education and teaching explains the efforts of societies towards the positive change in a long period of time. Societies that are required to overcome from this change through scarce

Hukuk Fakültesi

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law was established in the 2017-2018 academic year. Although there is a great demand in Turkey for law schools, in order to promote excellence in education and attract students of high quality, enrollment is limited.

Turizm Fakültesi

Faculty of Tourism

Knowing the necessities of the rapidly developing tourism sector in the world, creating solutions with an innovative approach as we use the enlightening power of scientific methods is among the missions of our school. As our culture, famous about hospitality, is known and acknowledged better,

İngilizce Hazırlık Okulu

İngilizce Hazırlık Okulu

Rauf Denktaş Üniversitesi Yabancı Diller ve İngilizce Hazırlık Okulu, RDU’nun kuruluşundan bu yana üniversite öğrencilerine ve topluluğa kaliteli dil hizmetleri vermektedir. Hazırlık, lisans ve lisansüstü öğrencilere İngilizce dil kurslarının yanı sıra topluluk programları da sunmaktayız.