Faculty of Business and Economics

The concept of education and teaching explains the efforts of societies towards the positive change in a long period of time. Societies that are required to overcome from this change through scarce resources face with the training of a mono type human being from time to time. Due to the fact of national security and wars, the resources that belong to societies are significantly consumed; less resource became a part of the education and training. However, human being is not a machine. Training of a human being like a machine is not able to cover the expectations of the knowledge age. The fundamental objective of the education and teaching is to train individuals that have the ability to process information with a focus on creativity and productivity.Our objective is to make our students unique, creative, as well as distinctive like their teachers and advisors. In order to achieve this objective, we try to create and continuously improve our methods of education and teaching that will lead them to develop their difference from their peers and to improve their individual characteristics.

Within the framework of this mission, Faculty of Business and Economics continues its academic activities in terms of the following programs: