Faculty of Law (in Turkish)

Faculty of Law was established in the 2017-2018 academic year. Although there is a great demand in Turkey for law schools, in order to promote excellence in education and attract students of high quality, enrollment is limited. Because of the high quality law education in our faculty; our quota has to be completed with increasing demands every year. The language of instruction is Turkish; however, to operate in the field of international law, students must have mastered in English. Therefore, if their English is not satisfactory upon admission, they will attend the Intensive English Program for one academic year. The legal curriculum includes additional English language courses so that students may improve their competence in English language.To be a successful jurist one must be master of computer and have a wide general knowledge. Therefore there are courses on general culture and computer in the first years of education.

As modern education in law entails knowledge of economics, management, accounting, and international law, electives will also be available in these areas.

The Faculty has a “moot court room” where students may debate topics of interest.

As in all educational programs, the quality of the teaching staff is of primary importance. Our Faculty will include lecturers widely recognized in the field of law. Graduates of Faculty of Law may work in all areas which require knowledge of law; they work as especially legal consultants, judges, prosecutors and lawyers. Our graduates may be employed beyond the traditional working areas of law graduates because they are well equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge of law. Our graduates have to accomplish traineeship to be registered to a Bar Association and they have to accomplish the qualification examination to work as a Judge or prosecutor.