Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School

To carry out work that will enable students who have newly registered to departments, that use a foreign language fully or partially as the medium of instruction, to become competent users of that foreign language.To help students who were unable to perform well in the Proficiency and Placement Tests, and increase their level of proficiency so that they can pursue their undergraduate studies without difficulty.

To introduce our young students to our academic staff with a corporate identity and to make them feel as part of the Rauf Denktas University family.

To carry out supportive work for the foreign language training of the students who are going to continue their post-graduate studies abroad on the scholarships granted by state institutions such as the Council of Higher Education and the Ministry of Education.

The vision of Rauf Denktas University School of Foreign Languages is to raise the quality of education and training to the highest level possible, and to provide rational solutions for students’ and other colleagues’ problems in foreign languages.

To make learning a foreign language a professional challenge rather than a burden within the reach of its physical capacities, facilities and academic staff.

To establish the necessary infrastructure for those who would like to learn a second foreign language in addition to their compulsory foreign language classes.

To make students familiar with the culture and mentality of the language they are learning.

To contribute to the success of Rauf Denktas University in the national and international arena and to attain a privileged position among similar academic institutions.